Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am going to Dusseldorf, Germany!
There is a airline called Ryanair that often has extremely reasonably priced airfare if booked in advance. Valencia has a few direct flights out of the airport here, one of them being to Dusseldorf. Six of my friends and I decided to make a long weekend out of it when we found really cheap tickets round trip! I don't know anything about the city or any German at all! A new friend, Alex, does speak some German so he will be good to have on board. Ashley and Laura, my good friends from Athens, and my roommate, Maryella, are all coming! This adventure is taking place March 4-7. 

Today and yesterday where tranquil. It rained all day today, which made for the perfect napping afternoon. I went out and got an espresso at a cafe very close to here that I plan on spending a lot of time in. It's cozy and perfectly lit. They play an awesome selection on international music, and I caught some Bruce Springsteen today. 

I am giving a presentation tomorrow in my Film Class about the movie, "Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall!" It's a 1953 comedy about stereotypes of Spanish people to Americans, and vice versa. 

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  1. Listening to Bruce in Valencia, drinking the image.

    Dusseldorf! wow. Lee's been there as a child...loved your blog about the doughnuts dipped in chocolate. oh my! can't wait to experience that one myself....