Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Los churros and las motivaciones

These are my good friend, Ashley's pictures. Thought I would share! There is a picture of a plaza that is a two minute walk from my residence, and one of me walking on the way to school. The medieval fortress and the ancient Chamber of Commerce building are here too! 

Best recent discovery: churros con chocolate.  Buttery, fried, and twisted, these wafer-like pastries are a perfect vehicle for the cup of melted dark chocolate they come with. It’s not exactly hot chocolate. More like a melted candy bar. Just ridiculous…

“Maybe I’ll go to Amsterdam, oh, maybe I’ll go to Rome.” We found out today we are getting three extra Fridays off to open up the opportunity for personal travel. Everyone is planning their weekends in advance to get the cheapest tickets. I can hardly wait to go somewhere, everywhere. There are enough students here that if you have an idea for a destination, someone is bound to want to join you. I have got some bees in my bonnet, and hopefully plans will fall into place.

This weekend I am not traveling because the group is going to the famous aquarium/science museum/planetarium/fine arts building all day on Saturday. Also, I have been invited for a fútbol game in Valencia on Sunday. Valencia CF is the main professional team in Valencia, and their mascot is a bat. EVERYONE talks fútbol around here, so I am excited to have an actual game under my belt as a conversation starter. Go Bats?!?

I am practicing my Spanish as much as possible. Some days I am really good at it, others I feel like I can’t speak at all. My professor today asked if I had lived in a Spanish-speaking country before, because he thought I spoke so well! But at the store on the way home I could not understand something really simple the register lady said to me. I have so many things to say to new Spanish friends, but I don’t exactly have the words. I feel like I am a completely different person when I can’t get my words across. “I swear I am interesting!” I want to tell them. It’s not apparent when all I can say in Spanish are things like, “I ate churros today for the first time and they were delicious.” “I like your sweater that has stripes.” “I am a student of anthropology. Yes, very interesting.” “I enjoy whistling, as well.” I reckon I seem pretty silly. Laughter following something I say is most always at some weird translation mistake, instead of some clever quip or funny story. I am propelled to know the language more and more, simply to save face.

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