Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Está lloviendo...

Mary Claire's mom and sister came into town on Sunday night and took a couple of us out for tapas and drinks. It was so wonderful seeing someone's family members and it made me really excited to see some of mine soon! I am currently planning my three-day birthday party in Andalucia. My birthday happens to be the first day of Las Fallas, one of the biggest festivals in Europe and the pride of Valencia. Apparently the population of city triples in size and one can hardly go anywhere. Little boys will throw fire works at you and injuries are not rare. It lasts the whole week, the most important days being the final weekend. A couple of us are getting out of town for a couple of days at the beginning of the week. Can't wait to see some more of this beautiful country.

It's been rainy rainy rainy here the last couple of days, meaning a lot of relaxing in cafés and getting some homework done. I have a big group presentation tomorrow in film class about Spanish historical documents, a paper about that crazy action movie we saw, and a short presentation about the Basque country on Thursday. It seemed like we did not have any work at all, until this week. It's kind of nice to have some assignments. I am also reading a novel for literature class called Soldados de Salamina. It's about la Guerra Civil and a particular socialist leader who's life was spared by a stranger. The narrator is a reporter and an author and is becoming obsessed with trying to figure out who that stranger was. I am pleasantly surprised how much I can read and understand in Spanish. Reading is a great way for me to pick up the language, because I can visualize the syntax and learn words easily through context.

In Spain most of the young people have a Facebook account, but everyone has a Tuenti account. Tu-en-ti, pronounced like twenty, means you-in-yourself. Anyway, I got an account! It's kind of fun because it tells you how many times people view your profile. 

Ashley and I found a place that offers a burrito, guacamole, and a mojito for cheap on Wednesdays. You can bet your bottom euro we will be there tomorrow night...

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  1. Ah, rainy days in Valencia...glad you are getting into the academic life; I will send you info on Adalucia, some of what I have gleaned from the Rough Guide, more in depth than the Lonely Planet travel guide. However, you should check online at Lonely Planet's Thorntree Forum-great info...
    Miss you!